Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Why should I make my Relationship status known to the Public?

I’ve heard people talk about Open relationships, Closed relationships, Complicated relationships, Friends with benefits, etc. I have often wondered the essence of the adjectives always added to the word Relationship. Deep thoughts on the subject matter have brought me to the conclusion that the major determinant of the adjective that the word relationship takes on for every individual is the factor called insecurity in relationships. I think you should either be in a relationship or you are out.
I came across a quote that reads “...Relationships these days: One male, one female, one ex trying to mess it up & one friend secretly hoping it ends...”, this has prompted the question in my heart “Should I make my relationship know to the public or refrain from such?” Well, individuals idea of the word "public" varies, however, we know anything public involves a 3rd party definitely.
Everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages, no doubt. But as with all things and situation, one has to weigh the options and see which outweighs the other.
First, it is clear that as individuals, not everyone will like you, now think of you two in a relationship, that’s like combining enemy forces focusing on your relationship. The idea here is there are people who the thought of the two of you together will always piss-off and if there is anything they can do to split the union, they will gladly do that.
On the other hand, when relationships are coded, boundaries are bound to be crossed and foot stepped upon. I have seen a situation where two friends are after thesame lady all because they didn’t let each other in on their escapades.
There was a story I heard of 3 Musketeers in a certain locality. A new lady came into the neighbourhood and the eye of the entire young lads in that neighbourhood became fastened on her. Ofcourse, courage to approach a lady, most especially a learned one rested on the 3 musketeers that controls that locality. Unknown to the leader of the pack, another member of the group already had moves made with the lady and if not for proper communication, there would have been a clash of interests and ofcourse, the leader of the pack had to step aside. At the turn of events, the one who had the shot with the lady eventually messed things up, and the leader of the pack missed out on the glorious chance.
What is it that therefore causes insecurity in relationships? Why do relationships take up different adjectives like open, close, complicated, beneficial, etc? Why do relationships terminate unexpectedly? Can a relationship be made public and still shield itself from interferences from friends and family?
Being in a relationship with someone and then it crashes, where does that leave you as regards a chance with other folks in the neighbourhood.

Unlike many of my blog-posts that end with a sense of opinion and certainty, this is rather ending on a bewildered note and I long to hear your views about the subject matter. Should I let everyone know that I am now hooked up with the lady next door? Is this problem Masculine of Feminine in nature? At what point does it become important to alert the Public on my relationship status? Should I make it known from the onset?

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