Friday, 3 July 2015

Your Nickname...more than just a Name!

Names have a life-long impact on a man. All through the Holy Scriptures, whenever a special child is to be born, there were always specifics about the name of the child. John, Jesus, Jacob, Esau, Isaac, Samuel, etc. Notable figures in the scriptures have name specifics. It is a further validation of the impact of the names on the life of a child. Do you know a mother named her child Ichabod (I Samuel 4:21) and another named her child Jabez (I Chronicles 4:9)? What a Mum!
Thank God for we Africans that respect Culture to the letter when it comes to names. No real African goes by names like Carpenter, Price, Rice, Wood, Tiger, Rat, Green, etc.
However, there is a trend that is going viral these days – “Nicknames”! Everyone has a nickname now, don’t we all? If you don’t, you pro’ly haven’t been in an institution or a sociable environment for a significant period of time. You’re gentle, there’s a nickname for you. You’re outspoken, you got one. A slight facial/body deformity, you definitely got one. Some people no longer respond to their names as much as they do nicknames. People now refer to them using their adopted nickname absolutely and they respond almost absent-mindedly.

Names have an impact on destiny and nicknames are no exception. Yes, most of the nicknames originates from school (Primary, Secondary or Tertiary) and very often, there is little you can do about them especially as students continually enjoy it when you object to it the most. My nickname “holyparcel” is self-explanatory, but people still ask me what it means and the inspiration for it. The inspiration came at the advent of mail addresses earlier in the millennium. My sister and my friend opened mail addresses with the ids “portparcel” and “angelsparcel” respectively. I sat and thought for a season then came up with “holyparcel” which has stuck and has been significant over the years.
Bottom line, carve a name for yourself, a meaningful worthwhile name that you will be proud of and hold your head high to when called in a crowd. Jacob cried out for a new name (Genesis 32:28), Jabez did also (I Chronicles 4:10), who said names cannot be carved or changed? If you don’t give yourself one, a befitting one, people will soon give you a nickname, one you may not like and the more you object to it, the more it sticks and it more often than not answers in your life.

I observe people a lot much more than I talk. There was this lady back then in school that nicknamed herself “AforceToReckonWith”. I was thrilled the first time I saw it, but what’s more thrilling is the advent of events in her life ever since. I have closely monitored and I can say she’s going places in as much as she focuses and continues in her drive towards fulfillment. Your name or nickname is very paramount in how your life shapes up and the set of events that follows. You may not believe it and it may not look like it now, but it will surely tell at the long run.
Words and names have power over everything, natural or artificial…and the human life is no exception. Have you read Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiment on the effect of words and names on water? Read it up, it might thrill you a bit.
Please, if you don’t like your name or nickname or you don’t even know what it means, ask around, if it’s not something palatable, it’s not too late for a Change of Name or Nickname.