Tuesday, 17 March 2015

I am looking for a Man...

In modern times, the major quest in the society is the quest for "a man"! Everyone is looking for a man - to blame, to claim, to connect them to someone in power, help them make ends-meet, a father-in-law's last-name, a man to become their leader, etc. A lady is looking for a man, ironically, a man is looking for a lady & another man. To COMPLICATE and further SIMPLIFY matters, God Himself is looking for "a man"! Something therefore must be missing somewhere. Why is everyone looking for a man? Where is the man? Where has he gone to? When is he returning?
Enough questioning! Enough searching! Enough brainstorming on the subject matter! You are that man everyone is looking for! You are that individual God is looking/waiting for. Stop the blame-game, the claim-game, famzing-game, connection-game. Stop the games, the gimmicks, and take responsibility. You seek a better world, don't wait on the world leaders. You seek a better nation, don't wait on the President. You seek a better Organization, don't wait on the GM or Director. You are that CHANGE everyone desires. You are that man you are looking for. Our problem in the Nation at this present time is that "There is no Man" to take up the reins. No man has equipped himself competently enough to step into the ring!

People keep looking out for the wrong things and wrong people to make things happen, when all it really takes to make things happen is YOU! There is no 'ordinary vocation', it is the ordinary mindset of the handler that makes a vocation look ordinary. Anyone on demand presently in this world, is one that has found a secret, traded such secret, and has become a Success in that sojourn. A failure is never sought after, never a good reference point, never reckoned with. What then differentiates a man sought after from one just making a living? The differential factor is a Secret! One has found and traded with a Secret. However, if you find a Secret, but do not trade with it, it is as good as dead and non-referential. How then can I become the man everyone is looking for? SELF-DISCIPLINE is it! 
Self discipline is what uplifts a man. Without it, destiny is eroded. When do you want to be sought after? When do you want the world to come after you? When do you want to be the man both God and humanity are on the lookout for? Now is the time, Self-Discipline is the demand, Responsibility is the price.
There is a demand on anyone who wants the World Binoculars focused on him. How then can I meet up with the demands of Self-Discipline? How can I pay the price of Responsibility? Self-Discipline rides on the wings of two major wings amongst others, and they are both hinged on Time Management. The capital index of Self-Discipline is Time Management. You will remain thesame mediocre you are for years unending but for two things - the BOOKS you read and the COMPANY you keep. These two wings are the demands of Self-Discipline and the Responsibility it requires upon which Success thrives.
BOOKS: Invest in Self-Development. B.Sc/M.Sc is just an indication that you are literate, nothing more. A Certificate is just the initiation into the world of knowledge gathering. Unfortunately, many see it as the life-line for making a living. Indiscipline can make your first-class void of dignity. Presidents are sought after today not because they were the best graduating students (most of them don't even have a degree), but because of the potentials and knowledge they have garnered since graduation. Certificates don't solve life problems, knowledge does. Go for knowledge, and more knowledge, then you become a focal and reference point.
COMPANY: The effect of Healthy Relationships on a destiny cannot be over-emphasized. 

A choice of responsible association is what makes a man sought after. No one goes to a Mechanic workshop to seek medical attention. As a Medical Doctor, if you keep company with Motor Mechanics, sitting & gisting with them, you can never be a reference point! Wrong/Evil association will always corrupt good destinies. Keeping company of those who violate Rules and Regulations, those who usurp authorities, will make you lose relevance as fast as possible. Respect higher authority. No matter how highly-placed you are, there will always be someone higher than you. Walk, Relate, Associate will only Self-Disciplined individuals, those who are on the pedestal of higher grounds and you will soon see yourself being sought after.

Self-Discipline is very essential in your quest for Time Management. Don't spend time, buy it, invest it...else you pay a higher price for it tomorrow.

Now, are you still looking for a man?