Sunday, 1 June 2014

Wonder why God doesnt sleep? Well, here is One...

Have you ever pondered why God doesn't sleep, slumber or take a nap...despite the fact that He rested on the seventh day, even after creation? What keeps Him so occupied that He neither sleeps nor slumbers.
People sleep, animals sleep, even the day sleeps when the night is awake and the night sleeps when the day is awake. The Sun, Moon and Stars also sleep. The flowers sleep, the rivers and oceans sleep, when they are calm. Virtually everything God created sleeps, why then will the Creator of the Universe neither sleep nor slumber?
Well, I’m glad to let you know one of the many reasons He will never blink His eyes in sleep or slumber is because of the Law of Seed time and Harvest. Genesis 8:22. If something is not going to cease, then, there must be a regular caretaker for such thing.
In the scripture above, God was saying “I have dealt with everyone collectively. I have destroyed all living. But no more! From now on, each one will get whatever he deserves. I will deal with each man according to his ways.” It was again reiterated in Galatians 6:5-7.
If God is out there denying Himself sleep, to make sure everyone reaps what he/she sows, why wont you make it a duty to sow good seeds?
Many are stagnated today because of the evil seeds they have sown in time past, either in words or deeds. We have several stories in the scripture that validates this. Peter rebuked Jesus (Mark 8:32), Paul rebuked Peter too (Gal. 2:11). David got Uriah’s wife (II Sam. 11: ), Absalom, his son took ALL of David’s wives (II Sam. 16:21). Paul persecuted the Church, He was called into persecution himself. Jacob tricked Esau, Laban tricked him too.
It’s about time you stop wrestling with shadows! If you are involved in planning someone’s death, you won’t escape death yourself. If you roll a stone to crush any man, it will return to crush you too. Ecclesiastes 10:5-9. Many are under the curse of seed time and harvest today thinking it is the devil. Things won’t just work, because of he seeds they have sown. Friends, every act is a seed, harvest is coming.
If you know God will not sleep until your harvest is delivered, then it is wise to keep sowing good seeds. Esther 6:1. God will not sleep, why? To ensure that you don’t reap what you did not sow. God has a book of records, with which he takes care of seed time and harvest. This covenant is one of the reasons God wont sleep.
The book of records reckons with all that you do as a Christian, so that for every seed you sow (whether good or bad ones), you do not miss your harvest.
The story of Hamman and Mordecai paints a valid picture of what goes on during the period of seed time and harvest. Please note the following points in the story:
Mordecai sowed a seed, saving the King, but no reward came...instantly.
Hamman was spiteful of Mordecai because of his dedication to his God.
Hamman made to bring Mordecai down, plotted evil and acted in that direction.
The King could not sleep...when the time of harvest came.
The book of record was revisited when the harvest will favour Mordecai.
Hamman was humiliated and eventually killed using his own plot.
Friends, on the day of your harvest, God is not going to sleep! So make sure you are sowing good seeds, because thesame God that wouldn’t sleep, to ensure what Mordecai had not sown, he wouldn’t reap, would also not sleep to ensure that what Hamman sowed, he must reap. Proverbs 26:27.
Even if it means, thunder, fire and brimstone, God will disarm your enemy, to be sure you don’t reap what you have not sown.
What didn’t let the King sleep is what didn’t let Mordecai die. God is eternally awake to see that the law of seed time and harvest take it’s due course.
Start sowing good seeds today...cos in due time, you harvest is sure, God will not sleep!