Thursday, 2 October 2014


Everyone living on the face of the earth was born on a certain day which makes it safe to say everyone has a birthday. Although not everyone knows it, acknowledges it or even celebrates it, it still doesn’t undermine the fact that they have birthdays.

The primary essence of birthdays therefore is to apply our hearts unto wisdom. By this, I mean birthdays naturally should be days of reflections for the celebrant and also those celebrating with him/her. Yes, one cannot take away the merriment, celebration, champagne popping et all, and as I humorously say often “Your birthday is your happiest day on any social networking platform”, a day when enemies, friends, neighbors, old colleagues and well-wishers storm your Wall, inbox, Timeline, DM, etc and decorate them with posts and delightsome wishes some of them almost drawing you to tears while you Giggle over others.

More importantly, now that it’s your birthday is the need to apply your heart unto wisdom, Reflections! Reflecting on the Faithfulness of God in and out of Season. Have you imagined if we have to do these?

  • ·         Queue at the filling station to get oxygen for our breathe, just imagine!
  • ·      Everyone had a monthly allocation of oxygen, using it up before the end of the month indicates being inactively dead till the next month’s allocation, just imagine!
  • ·         Imagine staying healthy for a month requires #25m at the most friendly hospital, just imagine!

Friends, Man is too expensive to be managed by man. Certain things just cannot be put in man’s care, the world will suffer for it. Therefore as you celebrate daily, weekly, monthly and annually on earth, apply your heart unto wisdom as you reflect on God’s faithfulness over the years, because Reflection is the authentic fuel of celebration.

Reflection on your birthdays should be two-dimensional;
ü  Reflect Appreciatively: Just like in the natural, when you thank man for something done for you, he replies with “Don’t Mention!” but we all know what would have happened if you hadn’t mentioned it. He would have labeled you an ingrate. Much more with God, if not for anything but for the fact that you have breathe in you and you are not on the hospital bed, appreciate God.
ü  Reflect Anticipatingly: When we look at the past and see the Faithfulness of God, we can confidently look into our future. Look into that colorful and glorious future ahead and celebrate God for it.

Therefore, as you celebrate:

Look Back:                   Too many numerous acts of God in your life.
Look Up:                      He is still doing it presently…

Look Forward:             To the colorful and glorious destiny He has for you.