Monday, 12 October 2015

Life, Is not Chance...Don't live yours by Chance!

I was watching a movie titled “Adjustment Bureau” and my thoughts came alive about the subject matter called life and our travails in it. It is amazing how people struggle to accept the fact that there is a God up there who rules over and controls the affairs of men. Every building we know has a Master-plan drawn by the Architect and accepted by the Government before the actual structure is erected. The Master-plan is also referred to as the blueprint. Everyone walking the face of the earth has a blueprint for his/her life...a discovery and location of the individual’s blueprint is the first step towards true Success in life. Take note, Success is entirely different from good/true Success.
Life itself is a Matrix, twisted and wielded in such a way that without the one with the blueprint and Master-plan, veering off the path is imminent. There are, as I assume, questions running through your mind now. Questions like, the friends you encounter in life, the spouse you get entangled with, the family you are born into, the Career path you find yourself in, etc.

Quickly, I refer to some scriptural stories. According to their Matrix:
Ø  It wasn't in the master-plan that the Children of Israel will be carried away Captive into the land of Babylon. But the acts of King Hezekiah triggered such decision. II Kings 20:14-21
Ø  The Israelites were meant to spend 400years in Egypt and 40days in the journey to Canaanland from Egypt, but it wasn’t in the blueprint that they will spend extra 30years in Egypt and 40years in the wilderness journey. Exodus 12:40-41; 16:35
Ø  The lineage of Eli had the Master-planner’s stamp as the eternal priesthood of Israel, but it was never in the blueprint that the priesthood will be passed to the house of Elkannah at that point. I Samuel 3:11-14
One thing is common in the afore-mentioned stories and many others that space wont permit...the individuals involved made a choice which either delayed or terminated fulfillment of purpose. This means our choices can either make us veer off the Master-planner’s blueprint or cause a catastrophic turn out of events thereby terminating God’s blueprint for one’s life.
There are so many examples of catastrophic decisions that terminated destinies, examples like Jephthah (Judges 11:30-40), Samson (Judges 16:30), etc.
Point is, the blueprint of the Master-planner will always have a happy destination. Following His blueprint for your life has only advantages because we know that ALL things work together for good, to them that LOVE the Lord.
Friends, the cause of most of the  hardship you are facing is because you have veered off the blueprint for your life, a decision which renders you vulnerable to satanic manipulations and oppressions.
It’s about time we practicalize Carrie Underwood’s song “Jesus Take the Wheels”. Many of us need to retrace our steps and return to the One who has the blueprint of our lives, the One that cannot mismanage our lives, the One that can order our steps into fulfillment. Walking in His blueprint saves you the stress of designing your own blueprint, one you are not even sure of it’s validity and authenticity...because no one knows tomorrow except the Master-planner Himself.

The choice is yours, but I implore you to return to Him that is the author of the Matrix of your life, the One whose blueprint substantiates the fulfillment of your purpose. If it is not good, it is not God. God looked at everything He created and said it was good, very good. No defect, no mistake, nothing bad. If there is any symptom of bad in your life, check it, there is a likelihood you have veered off the blueprint of your life. God is interested in our ways, our paths, our thoughts, our everything, He has them all drawn out in His blueprint!