Friday, 15 May 2015


I’m sure virtually everyone has heard this sentence at one point in time in life. If you haven’t, you probably haven’t had business within the four walls of an Institution, Bank, Organization, etc. It has become so commonly used that sometimes, you won’t even be heard out on your request/complaint before the bombshell is thrown at you “…drop it, come back for it next week!”
You visit a Bank…
You: Is my ATM Ca…
Cashier: Not yet, check back two weeks later.
See ehn, this life on its own, is not as complicated afterall, we complicate things ourselves. More often than not, the supposed thing you are asked to return a week later for, can actually be gotten in less than five minutes by someone else who pro’ly knows his/her way around.

My thots, why can’t we just be polite with everyone that comes our way, attending to people with respect and in a dignifying manner. I really must say, our manner of approach is degrading week-in-week-out. People just take pleasure in that sentence “…come back for it a week later!”
Banks ehn…I’m tired of those ones. Sometimes, when one considers the stress they put one through, you will seriously think of keeping your money at home. At least our grandfathers kept their valuables safely one way or the other. Let’s be frank, these banks never had our interest at heart. Banks have frustrated the life out of a lot of people. On our money o, they will even argue with you that your signature lacks comma or apostrophe. 

Have you observed that even Bank doors don’t usually want to let you in without a fuss if you’re coming for withdrawals? Whereas, it opens freely when you’re making a deposit.
Life will become a lot pleasant if we all mellow on the subject of protocols and attend to people in a dignifying manner. Show people courtesy and respond to them positively and promptly too. Even the Holy Scriptures supports me on the subject matter. Proverbs 3:27-28.
I was doing Clearance at a point in an Organization and after making haste and almost sweating like droplets of blood, I met the departmental head on his way out. Guess what he said…well your guess is as good as mine, the fact he knows me doesn’t even count to him.
See, I’m tired of that phrase. What exactly is it all about? A show of Superiority?  ...of Class? …of Brittleness? …of Defiance? Iono really!

Secretaries? Huh…that’s on another level. Secretaries play a huge role in the Success-drive of an Organization and on the other hand, they have done a lot of havoc, sank organizations, crippled destinies, etc. The boss is in his office having a great time at work, but all because the Secretary is having a bad day or too much work on her desk, he/she decides no one will see the Boss that period. I’ve been a Secretary myself to high-profile individuals at certain points in my life and I know sometimes, truly, the boss doesn’t want to see people. Truth is, Secretaries add their own. Their ‘Aseju’ is too much. Doing beyond what they have been sent, stopping Job seekers from seeing the Boss.
There is this Network Communication advert where a group of upcoming artiste were trying to give the CD of their Solo to a Producer to hear them out…and the Secretary was blocking them from gaining access. Not until they maneuvered their way to his rooftop window…were they able to get to him and guess what, he loved the Solo and signed the group.

Bottom line, let’s just learn to do good in life and be responsive to our fellow humans. Have respect for humans and value their time. They also left something to come to your office, it isn’t for leisure, it’s for a concrete purpose…attend to them with all sense of dignity and decorum.