Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Desire salary increase? Be the Man in Suit!

Whenever I come across the sentence “We are all created equally!”, it amuses me and I’m sure it does you too. To think that I was born equally as those guys who consistently and incessantly adorn the first and top pages of the Forbes list, has always sent cold shivers down my spine. What am I missing? What am I not doing? What is the differential factor? But then, I say to myself “HP, you were not born with a Silver spoon” …and almost immediately, I remind myself that every great man has a story and most of them, if not all, were also not born  with a silver spoon.  Question then is, what is it about the Man in Suit? The figurative actually means “The Man-in-Charge”, “The Man at the helm of affairs” in organizations and establishments. How did they attain that height? At what point did the pendulum swing? Hold on, let me digress a lil….
Not every Man in Suit is actually a Success. The Man in Suit is not necessarily the most intelligent Man in an environment. We have a lot of them who have crash-landed and pro’ly a lot will still crash-land. I have my own personal Philosophy on that subject-matter, which is “Don’t tell me a man is humble until you have given him Power/Money and nothing changes about his attitude.” Most of those who have crash-landed are those who are only privileged to be the Man in Suit and actually didn’t work at it. Bottom line on my digression, not every Man in Suit is actually built up to attain that standard and not everyone of them has potential, hence they falter…

Back to the matter, the Man in Suit is actually not the most intelligent, most intuitive, idealistic and complete man in the Organization…rather, more often than not, it is the man at the corner of an office who’s probably too timid and feels or sees himself as inferior and therefore wasting away without focus.
A major attribute and characteristic of the Man in Suit is the ability to THINK, the ability to MEDITATE and come forth with something productive. Science calls that man Homo Sapien. Not all human actually do that. But try calling a learned individual Homo Erectus/Habilis and watch him/her rain insults on you. Everyone desires to be the Man in Suit, the man at the helm of affairs, but very few actually THINK of a better way of doing things or literally pushing the Organization forward. At establishments, people seek Promotion and Salary increase, but very few are actually making meaningful and intellectual contributions towards the progress of the Organization. Okay okay…maybe some think, maybe some meditate…but then what’s the outcome of your thoughts and meditations? Are they backed up by Actions?

Friends, there is a big difference between Ability and Functionality. Greatness lies in everyone, but only few who harness potential eventually becomes the Man in Suit. Do you want to be the Man in Suit, the Man in Charge, the man that controls, the man at the helm of affairs, do you desire to be seated in that Board meeting, helping to make important decisions? Then you gotta develop your mind by deep thoughts and consistent meditation. Those who meditate consistently are those who make the most of their productive mind…and they are the ones God can entrust wealth in their hands.
Don’t hide under Religion, Spirituality, Business, etc. You can be headed for the topmost top, you can be than Man in Suit…if only you make the decision to engage your mind productively and take actions towards the actualization of your thoughts.