Wednesday, 27 August 2014


The quest to look good...well, no be today the thing start. Man had always strove to look good and will always do. The part that culture is playing in this aspect of life is very vital and strategic. What is regarded a mode of dressing in a particular culture may actually be a taboo in another, hence this has made it difficult to carve out a niche as a generally accepted way of dressing, modesty being our only lifeline. With dressing obviously comes Fashion as I am yet to see or hear a Fashion sense in existence without a form or piece of clothing on. Dressing in this context therefore involves all forms of appearances, ranging from hairstyles, headgears, clothes, footwear, etc.
Have you imagined that having to attend 2 occasions in a day, you might be applauded at one event and almost stoned at the other because of your appearance...there is therefore a thin line between Fashion and Craziness. Okay, enough dilly-dallying, let me hit the hammer on the nail straight up.
I happen to serve in a Unit where I have the privilege of seeing worshippers as they alight from their Cars or Buses and walk into the Church auditorium...and this post is actually my thots on what I have seen over the years. Even if God looks at the heart, don’t you know you should appear before Him with all sense of moderation? You won’t even be allowed to see the LG Chairman, Governor let alone President with some mode of dressing supposedly termed ‘Fashion’. First, I start with the gentlemen...cos I can easily be done with them in a jiffy.
The major Fashion/Craziness boundary for guys is the hairstyles and pants (trousers). Guys need to know that they are not footballers and even the footballers don’t wear those crazy hairstyles after major tournaments. How can you put up a hairstyle making you look like Ogre or Dracula? It depicts irresponsibility. Go outside your homes with all sense of decency and moderation. And finally, with guys, I thought they have rung the bell on Sagging over and over again? There is nothing glorifying in sagging, absolutely nothing! I mean...just think about it for a minute and tell me you see what I’m saying. I rest my case...a word, they say, is enough for the GUYS!
Now Ladies! Ladies!! Ladies!!! Choi! Where do I start from? I won’t talk about your hairstyles cos that can take eternity, so I start from facial appearance with some obvious rhetorical questions.
Ø  Why scrape your eye-lashes off and start drawing as if you are sponsored by Nike?
Ø  Why paint your face with Water-color making your face appear like a fine art drawing book?
Ø  Why pierce your nose and lips as if you are possessed by a demon?
Ø  Why use earrings that can be used in the gym to build muscles on your fragile ears?
Ø  Why paint your lips as if it’s a paint manufacturing factory?
Next, I go to the footwear and I really must plead with ladies at this point. Have you ever checked a lady’s handbag? There is a 95% chance that you are going to find one plimsoll or slippers in there. Ladies need to know that not every shoe you see belongs to you, no matter how much it’s pleasing to you, just look away and buy footwear that make you comfortable. The quest for high heels and to feel among is alarming. You see ladies walking as if they have boils on their legs or feet, and they always walk in support for one another. The footwear that is naturally meant to stabilize you now becomes something making you dangle on the street.
Coming back to the pants, don’t y’all have a mirror in your rooms? You inconvenience yourself so much on the street that you continually use one hand to pull down your skirt as you walk along the road. Which prompts the question, didn’t you know the skirt was short when you wore it in your room? It’s craziness, I think, to dress to inconvenience yourself just to supposedly please people on the street. I wrote supposedly because the truth is, we are actually not pleased, rather, we see so much discomfort written all over your face, and the sight is not pleasing at all.

I can go on and on, but I think moderation is key in everything we do. Please be moderate. Place your comfort over any other thing or person or situation. Don’t cross that thin line between Fashion and Craziness. Dress Fashionably tho!