Monday, 13 April 2015


When I hear the horn of my Dad’s car returning home in the night when I was between the age of 8 and 10, it usually send cold shivers down my spine. I naturally don’t think about the goodies he has bought on his way back home, on the contrary, my mind immediately starts playing the next 2-gruesome-hours that is always about to unfold. On entering the apartment, first, he enters his room, takes his bath while Mum sets the dinning. Immediately he is done eating, the escapade unfolds. Oh…how I love Saturday and Sunday evenings when the drama doesn’t unfold.
Lemme drive home my point. See ehn, my Dad is a lover of Music and he also happens to be one of the pioneer Choir Director of the Gospel Apostolic Church when they moved their Headquarters to Soluyi, Gbagada, Lagos State. Well, to my Dad, that inadvertently meant every of his children must be a lover of music and maybe find a Career in it. I’m still wondering why none of us took it as a Career.
Back to the 2-hour gruesome lectures, my Dad started a Music school in our sitting room having the first 3 of his children as the pioneer students, he later extended the tuition-free-gesture to neighbors and their children that showed interest. We all had notebooks and textbooks. Up till the age of 8, wetin concern me with music? All I ever desired as a hobby was football and video games which I was proficient at. Every night of the week (with the exception of Saturday and Sunday), it was music tutorials and lectures, sol-fa notes cramming, G-clef, F-clef, string and other notes. At the end of the month, there were tests and exams and there was Prize giving day for successful students too. I trudged along at first and sometimes, I liaised with my Mum feigning sickness and evading classes to which Mum obliged (I was Mum’s favorite – what do you expect?).

All those while, little did I know something was brewing up in me. To me, I don’t listen to Music the way modern day youths do. It’s more than the dance, the beats, the vocals, the noise to me. It’s about intent, melody, compere, sol-fa notes, musical notations, lyrics and how they combine to lift the soul.
Now that I have some people’s attention, let me state it clearly, not everyone in the music industry is really called into that ministry. What is the essence of Music when it cant lift the spirit and energize the soul. The Music archangel himself (Lucifer) was created and designed for that sole purpose. David played musical notes and the evil spirit disappeared out of King Saul. These days, Music ironically invite evil spirit (so to speak). Music is meant to be spirit-lifting, soul-energizing and body-jerking.

I’m addicted to Music, great songs. Now, before you say “Me too” in your mind, think about it. What’s it with Music for you? The dance? Noise? Beats? Melody?
Music is life, beautiful notes does more to the human mind than can be expressed or uttered. I’m so into Music…I’m not a musician (I don’t even play any musical instrument except the Flute and Drum Set), however, I love Music, good and soul-lifting Music.
Tell me your kind of Artiste and I will tell you what you love in Music. For me, Artistes like Don Moen, Sinach, Chris Delvan Gwamna, Kirk Franklin, Cece Winnas, Juanita Bynum, Michael W. Smith, Third Day, Celine Dion (I know this will raise eyebrows) and a few others are my kinda artiste.

Music has a great effect on me…I find it hard being in the Terrestrial under the atmospheric condition of the ministration of the afore-mentioned artistes. I instantly translate to the Celestial.
There are three basic songs that I don’t get tired listening to amongst others. I can listen to these songs uncountable times in a day. With these songs played in my home, my wife and children will get practically anything even up to the whole of my kingdom or bank account (under the right conditions tho). The songs are:
My Offering                                    -           Third Day
Power in the name of Jesus             -           Jesus Culture
Enter the Holy of Holies                 -           Paul Wilbur
Music is more than I can describe or utter. Music is life. I love Music, I love musical notes, I love entertainment. The feeling and effect is just… *LipsSealed*

What is music to you?