Thursday, 2 October 2014


Everyone living on the face of the earth was born on a certain day which makes it safe to say everyone has a birthday. Although not everyone knows it, acknowledges it or even celebrates it, it still doesn’t undermine the fact that they have birthdays.

The primary essence of birthdays therefore is to apply our hearts unto wisdom. By this, I mean birthdays naturally should be days of reflections for the celebrant and also those celebrating with him/her. Yes, one cannot take away the merriment, celebration, champagne popping et all, and as I humorously say often “Your birthday is your happiest day on any social networking platform”, a day when enemies, friends, neighbors, old colleagues and well-wishers storm your Wall, inbox, Timeline, DM, etc and decorate them with posts and delightsome wishes some of them almost drawing you to tears while you Giggle over others.

More importantly, now that it’s your birthday is the need to apply your heart unto wisdom, Reflections! Reflecting on the Faithfulness of God in and out of Season. Have you imagined if we have to do these?

  • ·         Queue at the filling station to get oxygen for our breathe, just imagine!
  • ·      Everyone had a monthly allocation of oxygen, using it up before the end of the month indicates being inactively dead till the next month’s allocation, just imagine!
  • ·         Imagine staying healthy for a month requires #25m at the most friendly hospital, just imagine!

Friends, Man is too expensive to be managed by man. Certain things just cannot be put in man’s care, the world will suffer for it. Therefore as you celebrate daily, weekly, monthly and annually on earth, apply your heart unto wisdom as you reflect on God’s faithfulness over the years, because Reflection is the authentic fuel of celebration.

Reflection on your birthdays should be two-dimensional;
ü  Reflect Appreciatively: Just like in the natural, when you thank man for something done for you, he replies with “Don’t Mention!” but we all know what would have happened if you hadn’t mentioned it. He would have labeled you an ingrate. Much more with God, if not for anything but for the fact that you have breathe in you and you are not on the hospital bed, appreciate God.
ü  Reflect Anticipatingly: When we look at the past and see the Faithfulness of God, we can confidently look into our future. Look into that colorful and glorious future ahead and celebrate God for it.

Therefore, as you celebrate:

Look Back:                   Too many numerous acts of God in your life.
Look Up:                      He is still doing it presently…

Look Forward:             To the colorful and glorious destiny He has for you.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


The quest to look good...well, no be today the thing start. Man had always strove to look good and will always do. The part that culture is playing in this aspect of life is very vital and strategic. What is regarded a mode of dressing in a particular culture may actually be a taboo in another, hence this has made it difficult to carve out a niche as a generally accepted way of dressing, modesty being our only lifeline. With dressing obviously comes Fashion as I am yet to see or hear a Fashion sense in existence without a form or piece of clothing on. Dressing in this context therefore involves all forms of appearances, ranging from hairstyles, headgears, clothes, footwear, etc.
Have you imagined that having to attend 2 occasions in a day, you might be applauded at one event and almost stoned at the other because of your appearance...there is therefore a thin line between Fashion and Craziness. Okay, enough dilly-dallying, let me hit the hammer on the nail straight up.
I happen to serve in a Unit where I have the privilege of seeing worshippers as they alight from their Cars or Buses and walk into the Church auditorium...and this post is actually my thots on what I have seen over the years. Even if God looks at the heart, don’t you know you should appear before Him with all sense of moderation? You won’t even be allowed to see the LG Chairman, Governor let alone President with some mode of dressing supposedly termed ‘Fashion’. First, I start with the gentlemen...cos I can easily be done with them in a jiffy.
The major Fashion/Craziness boundary for guys is the hairstyles and pants (trousers). Guys need to know that they are not footballers and even the footballers don’t wear those crazy hairstyles after major tournaments. How can you put up a hairstyle making you look like Ogre or Dracula? It depicts irresponsibility. Go outside your homes with all sense of decency and moderation. And finally, with guys, I thought they have rung the bell on Sagging over and over again? There is nothing glorifying in sagging, absolutely nothing! I mean...just think about it for a minute and tell me you see what I’m saying. I rest my case...a word, they say, is enough for the GUYS!
Now Ladies! Ladies!! Ladies!!! Choi! Where do I start from? I won’t talk about your hairstyles cos that can take eternity, so I start from facial appearance with some obvious rhetorical questions.
Ø  Why scrape your eye-lashes off and start drawing as if you are sponsored by Nike?
Ø  Why paint your face with Water-color making your face appear like a fine art drawing book?
Ø  Why pierce your nose and lips as if you are possessed by a demon?
Ø  Why use earrings that can be used in the gym to build muscles on your fragile ears?
Ø  Why paint your lips as if it’s a paint manufacturing factory?
Next, I go to the footwear and I really must plead with ladies at this point. Have you ever checked a lady’s handbag? There is a 95% chance that you are going to find one plimsoll or slippers in there. Ladies need to know that not every shoe you see belongs to you, no matter how much it’s pleasing to you, just look away and buy footwear that make you comfortable. The quest for high heels and to feel among is alarming. You see ladies walking as if they have boils on their legs or feet, and they always walk in support for one another. The footwear that is naturally meant to stabilize you now becomes something making you dangle on the street.
Coming back to the pants, don’t y’all have a mirror in your rooms? You inconvenience yourself so much on the street that you continually use one hand to pull down your skirt as you walk along the road. Which prompts the question, didn’t you know the skirt was short when you wore it in your room? It’s craziness, I think, to dress to inconvenience yourself just to supposedly please people on the street. I wrote supposedly because the truth is, we are actually not pleased, rather, we see so much discomfort written all over your face, and the sight is not pleasing at all.

I can go on and on, but I think moderation is key in everything we do. Please be moderate. Place your comfort over any other thing or person or situation. Don’t cross that thin line between Fashion and Craziness. Dress Fashionably tho!

Thursday, 31 July 2014


...and God Almighty said “ is not good for man to be alone, I will provide him an help meet for him...” That was the Almighty, just immediately after creation has been confirmed good, very good. He affirmed that the only thing not good about creation as at that period, was man being alone...even God Himself is not alone, forever with God the Son, the HolySpirit, 24 elders, host of Angels, etc...He has companions. So it’s safe to tell that friend of yours forming James Bond or Angelina Jolie...having the “I can do all myself” attitude to calm down and find a suitable shoulder to lean on.
Truth is everyone needs a shoulder to lean on, note, I didn’t say cry on, but lean on! Quickly let me spell it out, Companionship is a twisted form of Friendship, but they are never thesame thing. The Oxford dictionary defines both thus:
Companion: A friend, acquaintance or partner, someone with whom one spends time and keeps company.
Friend: A person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection.
Companionship is a craving of the soul of everyone, and the first step to living a life worthwile is embracing Companionship. It is a term that qualifies someone walking with you heading the way you are headed. God has designed us in such way that we all need companionship, a shoulder to lean on. Nobody succeeds in isolation! As a matter of fact, it has been observed that the major cause of suicide, depression, mental retardation, etc is lack of companionship (Loneliness) or wrong companionship. There is a craving in every man to relate, to pour out, to socialize, to interact, to communicate, to confide...this craving has however caused as much damage as it has caused good too. Therefore, in our quest for companionship, caution has to be taken.
In order not to muddle things up, I will be explicit as it relates to Singles and Couples, because Companionship with Singles definitely differs from that of the Married.
As Singles...
...the crave for companionship amongst Singles is very much on the high. The urge for exploration coupled with the crave for companionship has led some to Success and many others to doom. As Singles, control is a key factor here. Not all your friend can be your companion. As much as you yearn for shoulders to lean on, be selective! Lean only on shoulders of those going in your direction in life. Friendship, and indeed Companionship is by choice never by imposition. Choose your Companions wisely. If you are not benefitting productively from a friendship, there is no point making such a one your companion. I once heard a story of how a brother missed his flight simply by talking to a wrong companion at the Airport. They called his flight at departure time, and just because the companion he was with at the Airport was also holding an Arik ticket, he thought they were both headed thesame way. Your future and vision is much more important than that companion you have stuck with. Place value on your future and disassociate from everyone and anyone not going your direction.
For the Married/Engaged..., it is a different ball game. It is unfortunate that many couples are missing out on this purpose of Marriage. Even though some couples dwell together under thesame roof, constant quarrels and rancour pull them kilometres apart; so they live together, yet alone. True companionship will add meaning to your marriage. Your spouse is not just to be your roommate, but your closest friend. Your spouse ought to be your first and best consultant and associate in all things. Protecting family unity and development is then non-negotiable. Family is so essential as the school of virtues par excellence. If companionship in families is functional, bad things will decrease and good ones increase. Your spouse is your best companion; no one else should come into the circle. If we do not protect the family institution, we will be completely finished. As the saying goes with emphasis of mine, if you marry the right person (and make him/her your companion), you are complete, if you marry the wrong person (whether you make him/her your companion or not), you are finished. But if you marry the right person and you have made another (wrong one) your companion, then you are completely finished.
No one succeeds in isolation, embrace companionship today...however, make it with the right person!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Why should I make my Relationship status known to the Public?

I’ve heard people talk about Open relationships, Closed relationships, Complicated relationships, Friends with benefits, etc. I have often wondered the essence of the adjectives always added to the word Relationship. Deep thoughts on the subject matter have brought me to the conclusion that the major determinant of the adjective that the word relationship takes on for every individual is the factor called insecurity in relationships. I think you should either be in a relationship or you are out.
I came across a quote that reads “...Relationships these days: One male, one female, one ex trying to mess it up & one friend secretly hoping it ends...”, this has prompted the question in my heart “Should I make my relationship know to the public or refrain from such?” Well, individuals idea of the word "public" varies, however, we know anything public involves a 3rd party definitely.
Everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages, no doubt. But as with all things and situation, one has to weigh the options and see which outweighs the other.
First, it is clear that as individuals, not everyone will like you, now think of you two in a relationship, that’s like combining enemy forces focusing on your relationship. The idea here is there are people who the thought of the two of you together will always piss-off and if there is anything they can do to split the union, they will gladly do that.
On the other hand, when relationships are coded, boundaries are bound to be crossed and foot stepped upon. I have seen a situation where two friends are after thesame lady all because they didn’t let each other in on their escapades.
There was a story I heard of 3 Musketeers in a certain locality. A new lady came into the neighbourhood and the eye of the entire young lads in that neighbourhood became fastened on her. Ofcourse, courage to approach a lady, most especially a learned one rested on the 3 musketeers that controls that locality. Unknown to the leader of the pack, another member of the group already had moves made with the lady and if not for proper communication, there would have been a clash of interests and ofcourse, the leader of the pack had to step aside. At the turn of events, the one who had the shot with the lady eventually messed things up, and the leader of the pack missed out on the glorious chance.
What is it that therefore causes insecurity in relationships? Why do relationships take up different adjectives like open, close, complicated, beneficial, etc? Why do relationships terminate unexpectedly? Can a relationship be made public and still shield itself from interferences from friends and family?
Being in a relationship with someone and then it crashes, where does that leave you as regards a chance with other folks in the neighbourhood.

Unlike many of my blog-posts that end with a sense of opinion and certainty, this is rather ending on a bewildered note and I long to hear your views about the subject matter. Should I let everyone know that I am now hooked up with the lady next door? Is this problem Masculine of Feminine in nature? At what point does it become important to alert the Public on my relationship status? Should I make it known from the onset?

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Wonder why God doesnt sleep? Well, here is One...

Have you ever pondered why God doesn't sleep, slumber or take a nap...despite the fact that He rested on the seventh day, even after creation? What keeps Him so occupied that He neither sleeps nor slumbers.
People sleep, animals sleep, even the day sleeps when the night is awake and the night sleeps when the day is awake. The Sun, Moon and Stars also sleep. The flowers sleep, the rivers and oceans sleep, when they are calm. Virtually everything God created sleeps, why then will the Creator of the Universe neither sleep nor slumber?
Well, I’m glad to let you know one of the many reasons He will never blink His eyes in sleep or slumber is because of the Law of Seed time and Harvest. Genesis 8:22. If something is not going to cease, then, there must be a regular caretaker for such thing.
In the scripture above, God was saying “I have dealt with everyone collectively. I have destroyed all living. But no more! From now on, each one will get whatever he deserves. I will deal with each man according to his ways.” It was again reiterated in Galatians 6:5-7.
If God is out there denying Himself sleep, to make sure everyone reaps what he/she sows, why wont you make it a duty to sow good seeds?
Many are stagnated today because of the evil seeds they have sown in time past, either in words or deeds. We have several stories in the scripture that validates this. Peter rebuked Jesus (Mark 8:32), Paul rebuked Peter too (Gal. 2:11). David got Uriah’s wife (II Sam. 11: ), Absalom, his son took ALL of David’s wives (II Sam. 16:21). Paul persecuted the Church, He was called into persecution himself. Jacob tricked Esau, Laban tricked him too.
It’s about time you stop wrestling with shadows! If you are involved in planning someone’s death, you won’t escape death yourself. If you roll a stone to crush any man, it will return to crush you too. Ecclesiastes 10:5-9. Many are under the curse of seed time and harvest today thinking it is the devil. Things won’t just work, because of he seeds they have sown. Friends, every act is a seed, harvest is coming.
If you know God will not sleep until your harvest is delivered, then it is wise to keep sowing good seeds. Esther 6:1. God will not sleep, why? To ensure that you don’t reap what you did not sow. God has a book of records, with which he takes care of seed time and harvest. This covenant is one of the reasons God wont sleep.
The book of records reckons with all that you do as a Christian, so that for every seed you sow (whether good or bad ones), you do not miss your harvest.
The story of Hamman and Mordecai paints a valid picture of what goes on during the period of seed time and harvest. Please note the following points in the story:
Mordecai sowed a seed, saving the King, but no reward came...instantly.
Hamman was spiteful of Mordecai because of his dedication to his God.
Hamman made to bring Mordecai down, plotted evil and acted in that direction.
The King could not sleep...when the time of harvest came.
The book of record was revisited when the harvest will favour Mordecai.
Hamman was humiliated and eventually killed using his own plot.
Friends, on the day of your harvest, God is not going to sleep! So make sure you are sowing good seeds, because thesame God that wouldn’t sleep, to ensure what Mordecai had not sown, he wouldn’t reap, would also not sleep to ensure that what Hamman sowed, he must reap. Proverbs 26:27.
Even if it means, thunder, fire and brimstone, God will disarm your enemy, to be sure you don’t reap what you have not sown.
What didn’t let the King sleep is what didn’t let Mordecai die. God is eternally awake to see that the law of seed time and harvest take it’s due course.
Start sowing good seeds today...cos in due time, you harvest is sure, God will not sleep!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

An audience with Great men...

It is known that the beginning of an oak tree is a small seed. So also is the mustard seed, as small as it is generates life when planted. Hence the importance and significance of seeds as well as the fertile ground on which it thrives cannot be overemphasized. It is expected that the latter end of a thing should be greater than the former and hence a new beginning is an opportunity to make a great and desirable end. The seed in this context is the gift of God in the life of a man.
The trend in our modern day however baffles me. Day-in-day-out, we see people (most especially the youth) wasting God’s gift (seed) upon their lives. We know the gifts and callings of God are without repentance but it will continually lie fallow if not properly nurtured and trained.
The seed that makes great is not the seed that lies fallow, untrained and unattended to. Rather, it is one that is properly cultivated, nurtured, pruned and garnished under the right atmosphere and conditions. It is said that the gifts of a man (seed deposited by God) makes room for him and brings him before great men. Question then is…what happens when the room is made for you? What happens when you appear before great men?
The gift (seed) will only grant you access to the presence of great men, only attitude, training and acquired skills on that seed that will eventually make the great men approve of you and help place you on the path to fulfillment of destiny. Everyone desires greatness, but not everyone wants to go through the rigors of training. Be informed that the seed in you can either be used productively or otherwise. But after all is said and done, the gift will always create a room for you among the elites.
A close look at the daughter of Herodias paints a worth-wile picture. She had the gift to dance and entertain. She must have acquired certain skills in the entertainment world and trained herself so well that she was the one called upon in the whole of the Kingdom to perform in the King’s banquet. The bible records that she pleased the King and his chiefs in the palace so well that a massive wealth transfer was laid out on her laps. However, purposeful thinking, insight and diligence was not found in her, hence she swapped an opportunity to be great in life for the selfish desires of her mother and apparently Mentor.
A whole lot of people have walked around with the consciousness of God’s gift upon their lives that they over-celebrate the presence, thinking that’s all that matters. Here is the truth, the gift (seed) only grants you audience and gives you a platform to be great and thrive upon.
I know of a gifted man in arts and crafts. It was obvious that God’s gift was present upon him, hence it didn’t take long before he started getting contracts and business connections in the very height of National leadership. His gifts paved way for him and brought him in contact with the elites in the society and Nation. However, as fast as he got the connections, so also he came crash-landing. What could have happened? Character, Attitude and Diligence was not found in him, and he therefore couldn’t stand for long in the presence of great men. Seesth thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before Kings and not before mean men. Key word here is STAND. Long continuance in business with great men.
Character, Attitude, Diligence (Prov. 22:29), Purposeful living (Dan. 1:8) and Insight, are the ingredients that converts the seed into greatness. Decide today to imbibe all these and see things working in your favor and see yourself on the pathway to greatness.
Friends, do not hide under religious antics and neglect these key components. You can create a new beginning for yourself. It’s never too late to set things right. You can make the most of God’s gift, His seed upon your life and reach for greatness.
Greatness is in you, it’s a new day and a new beginning for us all.