Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Nigeria Democracy/Independence: Worthy of Celebration?

October 1st 1960 will forever remain a day to be remembered in this country whether anyone likes it or not. Everyone likes freedom, no one wants to remain in captivity, hence the day we were emancipated from captivity will forever remain in memory. Even God ordered the Israelite to continually celebrate the feast of Passover, so we can in same manner see our Liberation from Colonial rule as an event worthy of celebration.

It therefore grieves me when year-in-year-out, I see and hear people say “there is nothing to celebrate about the Nation”, I can’t but marvel at the ignorance and naivety of such individuals. This is a country that has weathered a lot of storms, yet still standing together as one. Not even Polio, HIV/AIDS or Ebola has prevailed over this Country, a country other nations of the world envy so much. Friends, I cant imagine being the citizen of any other nation aside Nigeria.

Our problem in this country is neither the government nor those in authority so to speak, rather, our problem is largely individuals. An average American wakes in the morning and even before saying or thinking any other thing, his first thought/speech is “God bless America”. Those prayers have it’s significance on happenings around. When last did you say “God bless Nigeria”? When last did you do something to make Nigeria a better place? Rather, the buck of the blame is always passed to the government, when truth be told, some men cannot even successfully lead their home and family, some individuals cant even lead a football team, a class, a department, let alone a Local Government. Shift your gaze away from the government, think of what you can do for your country.

If the labour of our heroes past is not going to be in vain, what quota are you contributing to ensure that? Nigeria is growing, Think Positive, Say Positive, Act Positive, Stay Positive and continually Pray and take positive steps towards actualization of a better Nigeria.

A little leaven, the holy Scriptures says, leaveneth the whole lump…our individual efforts at our respective level and capacity towards a better Nigeria, when combined will make a monumental impact on the way forward for this Nation.

Have you observed that the second stanza of the National Anthem, which is the Prayer for the Nation, is even hardly sung these days, not even in social and societal gatherings where it is needed the most? I therefore close this write-up saying that prayer for my beloved nation:

O God of Creation, Direct our noble Cause, Guide our leaders right,
Help our youths the truth to know. In love and honesty to grow,
And live in Just and truth. Great lofty heights attain, to build a nation
Where Peace and Justice shall reign!

Nigeria is Rising and I'm definitely contributing my quota...So help me God!