Tuesday, 11 March 2014

An audience with Great men...

It is known that the beginning of an oak tree is a small seed. So also is the mustard seed, as small as it is generates life when planted. Hence the importance and significance of seeds as well as the fertile ground on which it thrives cannot be overemphasized. It is expected that the latter end of a thing should be greater than the former and hence a new beginning is an opportunity to make a great and desirable end. The seed in this context is the gift of God in the life of a man.
The trend in our modern day however baffles me. Day-in-day-out, we see people (most especially the youth) wasting God’s gift (seed) upon their lives. We know the gifts and callings of God are without repentance but it will continually lie fallow if not properly nurtured and trained.
The seed that makes great is not the seed that lies fallow, untrained and unattended to. Rather, it is one that is properly cultivated, nurtured, pruned and garnished under the right atmosphere and conditions. It is said that the gifts of a man (seed deposited by God) makes room for him and brings him before great men. Question then is…what happens when the room is made for you? What happens when you appear before great men?
The gift (seed) will only grant you access to the presence of great men, only attitude, training and acquired skills on that seed that will eventually make the great men approve of you and help place you on the path to fulfillment of destiny. Everyone desires greatness, but not everyone wants to go through the rigors of training. Be informed that the seed in you can either be used productively or otherwise. But after all is said and done, the gift will always create a room for you among the elites.
A close look at the daughter of Herodias paints a worth-wile picture. She had the gift to dance and entertain. She must have acquired certain skills in the entertainment world and trained herself so well that she was the one called upon in the whole of the Kingdom to perform in the King’s banquet. The bible records that she pleased the King and his chiefs in the palace so well that a massive wealth transfer was laid out on her laps. However, purposeful thinking, insight and diligence was not found in her, hence she swapped an opportunity to be great in life for the selfish desires of her mother and apparently Mentor.
A whole lot of people have walked around with the consciousness of God’s gift upon their lives that they over-celebrate the presence, thinking that’s all that matters. Here is the truth, the gift (seed) only grants you audience and gives you a platform to be great and thrive upon.
I know of a gifted man in arts and crafts. It was obvious that God’s gift was present upon him, hence it didn’t take long before he started getting contracts and business connections in the very height of National leadership. His gifts paved way for him and brought him in contact with the elites in the society and Nation. However, as fast as he got the connections, so also he came crash-landing. What could have happened? Character, Attitude and Diligence was not found in him, and he therefore couldn’t stand for long in the presence of great men. Seesth thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before Kings and not before mean men. Key word here is STAND. Long continuance in business with great men.
Character, Attitude, Diligence (Prov. 22:29), Purposeful living (Dan. 1:8) and Insight, are the ingredients that converts the seed into greatness. Decide today to imbibe all these and see things working in your favor and see yourself on the pathway to greatness.
Friends, do not hide under religious antics and neglect these key components. You can create a new beginning for yourself. It’s never too late to set things right. You can make the most of God’s gift, His seed upon your life and reach for greatness.
Greatness is in you, it’s a new day and a new beginning for us all.