Thursday, 31 July 2014


...and God Almighty said “ is not good for man to be alone, I will provide him an help meet for him...” That was the Almighty, just immediately after creation has been confirmed good, very good. He affirmed that the only thing not good about creation as at that period, was man being alone...even God Himself is not alone, forever with God the Son, the HolySpirit, 24 elders, host of Angels, etc...He has companions. So it’s safe to tell that friend of yours forming James Bond or Angelina Jolie...having the “I can do all myself” attitude to calm down and find a suitable shoulder to lean on.
Truth is everyone needs a shoulder to lean on, note, I didn’t say cry on, but lean on! Quickly let me spell it out, Companionship is a twisted form of Friendship, but they are never thesame thing. The Oxford dictionary defines both thus:
Companion: A friend, acquaintance or partner, someone with whom one spends time and keeps company.
Friend: A person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection.
Companionship is a craving of the soul of everyone, and the first step to living a life worthwile is embracing Companionship. It is a term that qualifies someone walking with you heading the way you are headed. God has designed us in such way that we all need companionship, a shoulder to lean on. Nobody succeeds in isolation! As a matter of fact, it has been observed that the major cause of suicide, depression, mental retardation, etc is lack of companionship (Loneliness) or wrong companionship. There is a craving in every man to relate, to pour out, to socialize, to interact, to communicate, to confide...this craving has however caused as much damage as it has caused good too. Therefore, in our quest for companionship, caution has to be taken.
In order not to muddle things up, I will be explicit as it relates to Singles and Couples, because Companionship with Singles definitely differs from that of the Married.
As Singles...
...the crave for companionship amongst Singles is very much on the high. The urge for exploration coupled with the crave for companionship has led some to Success and many others to doom. As Singles, control is a key factor here. Not all your friend can be your companion. As much as you yearn for shoulders to lean on, be selective! Lean only on shoulders of those going in your direction in life. Friendship, and indeed Companionship is by choice never by imposition. Choose your Companions wisely. If you are not benefitting productively from a friendship, there is no point making such a one your companion. I once heard a story of how a brother missed his flight simply by talking to a wrong companion at the Airport. They called his flight at departure time, and just because the companion he was with at the Airport was also holding an Arik ticket, he thought they were both headed thesame way. Your future and vision is much more important than that companion you have stuck with. Place value on your future and disassociate from everyone and anyone not going your direction.
For the Married/Engaged..., it is a different ball game. It is unfortunate that many couples are missing out on this purpose of Marriage. Even though some couples dwell together under thesame roof, constant quarrels and rancour pull them kilometres apart; so they live together, yet alone. True companionship will add meaning to your marriage. Your spouse is not just to be your roommate, but your closest friend. Your spouse ought to be your first and best consultant and associate in all things. Protecting family unity and development is then non-negotiable. Family is so essential as the school of virtues par excellence. If companionship in families is functional, bad things will decrease and good ones increase. Your spouse is your best companion; no one else should come into the circle. If we do not protect the family institution, we will be completely finished. As the saying goes with emphasis of mine, if you marry the right person (and make him/her your companion), you are complete, if you marry the wrong person (whether you make him/her your companion or not), you are finished. But if you marry the right person and you have made another (wrong one) your companion, then you are completely finished.
No one succeeds in isolation, embrace companionship today...however, make it with the right person!

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