Sunday, 13 January 2013

Week II Intercessory Prayer Guidelines for 21days Fasting & Prayer


DAY8: MONDAY January, 14th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, once again we lift up our hearts in appreciation for the glorious and precious gift of this New Year Double portion 2013.
Prayer 2: Father, by the Double Portion of the spirit at work in the lief of your servant, let there be replication, duplication and multiplication of grace for every Winner this year. John 14:12
Prayer 3: Father, by reason of your double portion agenda for us this year, let every Winner break new grounds, accomplish great feats and achieve what eyes have never seen nor ears heard. I Cor. 2:9; Hab. 1:5
Prayer 4: Father, empower the statutory bodies and leaders in our local assemblies with wisdom for healthy growth and establishment.
Prayer 5: Father, stretch forth your hands and destroy every yoke of stagnation in the career and business of your people.
Prayer 6: Father, heal the economy of Nigeria and restore our lost glory.

DAY9: TUESDAY January, 15th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, thank you for the unprecedented harvest of souls in all our churches worldwide in 2012 and even already this year.
Prayer 2: Father, cause a mighty outpouring of the spirit of sanctification upon every winner worldwide resulting in double portion next levels experiences for everyone. Pro. 14:34
Prayer 3: Father, by your Holyspirit, drive every Winner in the right direction in order to take full delivery of their double portion blessing.
Prayer 4: Father, by your Spirit, let every Winner be established in the faith this year. Acts 14:21-22
Prayer 5: We decree fresh apostolic grace upon your servant in all his global impact his year that will result in lasting encounters for the people.
Prayer 6: Father, grant the Presidents and leaders of nations across the globe the right heart and the Wisdom of Solomon in running the affairs of the government. Prov. 8:15

DAY10: WEDNESDAY January, 16th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, we thank you for miracles, signs and wonders that you have prepared for your people this year.
Prayer 2: Father, make this double portion 2013 a year of strange works and strange acts by your mighty hand all across this commission. Is 28:21
Prayer 3: Father, let this year double portion 2013 be a year of divine surprises indeed for every Winner. Hab. 1:5
Prayer 4: Father, by the spirit of just men made perfect at work in your servant, let every closed gate lift up their heads for us this year. Ps. 24:7-10
Prayer 5: We release the fire of the HolyGhost to burn every affliction such as moving objects in the body, unusual heat, nightmares, etc, in our midst.
Prayer 6: Father, increase the manifestations of signs and wonders in our midst leading to extra-ordinary church growth.

DAY11: THURSDAY January, 17th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, thank you for the unusual, supernatural strength you gave your servant - spirit, soul and body and all through the year 2012.
Prayer 2: EXPLOSIVE BLESSINGS. Father, cause every Winner worldwide to be overtaken by the blessings of the Lord in every area of our lives this year.
Prayer 3: We decree double portion of the spirit of love leading to an unusual hunger for God by all Winners all throughout this year.
Prayer 4: We render helpless, we declare null and void and of no effect, all the arrows of the wicked against the saints of God this year. Is. 8:9-10
Prayer 5: Father, by your Spirit give fresh insight to all our pastors to know what to do to provoke supernatural church growth and development this year. John 6:6-11
Prayer 6: Father, cause your mighty hands to rest upon all our educational institutions (Universities, Secondary Schools) for excellence.

DAY13: SATURDAY January, 19th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, we thank you for the helps you have reserved for the leadership of this commission. by your helps, he shall accomplish all your good pleasure.
Prayer 2: Father, convert every issue of concern in the life of every Winner into double portion testimony this year. Lk. 21:13; Phil. 1:19
Prayer 3: Father, make year 2013 a sickness-free year for all winners worldwide. There shall be no loss.
Prayer 4: Father, let the plan of the wicked fall on their head and let them not be able to carry out their enterprise against any winner this year. Job 5:12
Prayer 5: Father, let the breathe of the HolyGhost rest upon all the publication of this commission bringing about dramatic turnaround in the life of every reader.
Prayer 6: We decree judgment on kidnappers, ritual killers and terrorists in the nation in the name of Jesus. Arise oh God to the defense of the innocent and set confusion in their camp.

Note: Friday will be Breakthrough Night while on Sunday, prayers will be made during service.
Also, be sure to follow this blog to be aware of the release of the prayer guidelines for the final week as well as other Church programmes.

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