Monday, 7 January 2013

Double Portion 2013 Intercessory Prayer Guidelines for 21days Fasting & Prayer


DAY1: MONDAY January, 7th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, I thank you for confirming the waves of Glory agenda 2012 to the fullest in the Winners family worldwide.
Prayer 2: Father, let your glory be evident in every area of the life of every Winner this year as you restore double portion glory and honour to us. Is 61:7; I Cor. 3:18
Prayer 3: Father, make your people the envy of everyone by reason of the double portion dimension of unlimited breakthrough in all their endeavors. Is 60:15; Gen. 26:14
Prayer 4: Father, take your churches both at home and on the foreign field to the next levels by making us kingdom attractions resulting in unprecedented multitudes this year. Zech. 2:4-5
Prayer 5: Father, according to your double portion agenda, let every local assembly double it's present size (100%) minimum before the end of this year. Is. 61:7
Prayer 6: Father, reveal your perfect counsel to your servant the Apostle over this commission, concerning all aspect of the commission this year.

DAY2: TUESDAY January, 8th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, we thank you for your good word to us this year because we know none of them shall fail. Josh. 21:45
Prayer 2: Father, in this year of double portion, supernaturally catapult every Winner from the low places to the topmost top of our pursuits in life with amazing promotions of all kinds. Ps. 75:6
Prayer 3: Father, let this turn out to be our Isaac order of year by giving every Winner a change of level in our businesses, careers and academic pursuits. Gen. 26:12-14
Prayer 4: Father, establish every convert in the faith and in the green pastures of the Living Faith Church Assemblies worldwide.
Prayer 5: Father uphold your servant, the shepherd over this commission and infuse him with supernatural strength, spirit, soul and body to carry through the mandate on his life.
Prayer 6: Father, in this year of double portion, for every confusion in this nation we decree double peace and rejoicing is our portion in Jesus name. Is. 61:7

DAY3: WEDNESDAY January, 9th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, thank you for covering our lives, families, properties and businesses in 2012 and for delivering us from the hand of the enemies.
Prayer 2: Father, destroy the yoke of bareness in our midst and cause everyone expecting the fruit of the womb to bring forth double his year. SOS 4:2; Ps. 127:3
Prayer 3: Father, for everyone that is set for marriage this year, grant double dimension speed, with honour, joy, peace, fruitfulness and fulfillment. Ps. 68:6
Prayer 4: Father, defend all our local assemblies nationwide, there shall be no evil occurrence anywhere throughout the year.
Prayer 5: Father, establish a wall of fire around all members of the Winners' family against all forms of assault. Ezek. 34:25
Prayer 6: Father, let your hedge of protection be strong around your servant and his family. Let every arrow shot against them return back to the sender. Ps. 89:20-22

DAY4: THURSDAY January, 10th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, we thank you because you will make all the places round about your people a blessing and there shall be showers of blessings upon every Winner this year. Ezek. 34:26
Prayer 2: Father, beyond everyone's imagination, give to everyone called jobless double of whatever miracle job they expect this month. Matt. 20:1-7; Ps. 37:25
Prayer 3: Father, destroy the forces of limitations and stagnation in the life of every Winner in this year of double portion and propel us by your power to our next levels. Ps. 144:1-3
Prayer 4: Father, this year again, send your word with power making every of our churches worldwide a green pasture where the sheep will be well nourished and established. Acts 6:7
Prayer 5: Father, trouble every troubler of Nigeria and let their wicked deeds return on their heads and their children. II Thess. 1:6
Prayer 6: Father, grant the leadership fresh oil of wisdom and new depth of revelation to match the demands of this year double portion assignment. Judges 6:14

DAY6: SATURDAY January, 12th 2013

Prayer 1: Father, thank you for the explosive church growth recorded, both in the spiritual and in the numerical.
Prayer 2: Father, cause every Winner to supernaturally scale unimaginable heights of accomplishments in every field in a double portion dimension. Is. 60:18, 22
Prayer 3: Father, let this year be a year of supernatural enthronement for every Winner. Rev. 5:10; Ps. 105:20-21
Prayer 4: We condemn, resist and destroy every interruption of hell in all our church operations this year that may slow down church growth.
Prayer 5: Father, we decree the release of angels to the highways and the hedges, compelling the influx of souls into our churches and satellite fellowships.
Prayer 6: father, we decree the establishment of all our foreign mission operations and greater open doors this year.

Note: Friday will be Breakthrough Night while on Sunday, prayers will be made during service.
Also, be sure to follow this blog to be aware of the release of the prayer guidelines for next week as well as other Church programmes.


  1. please can we get the complete prayer guidelines. thank you