Wednesday, 19 December 2012

INSTRUCTIONS: They are thy Life!

If ever you have moved from a level of your life to another, then you must have successfully completed a phase, written an examination and come out successful. Which makes me presume that as an academia, you must have come across something of this Nature:
SECTION A: Answer ALL the Ten questions.
SECTION B: Answer questions 1, 2 and any one of 3, 4 and 5.
Imagine two student, a brilliant and an average one. Average student follows the instruction to the letter while brilliant student shows skill and confidence and answers just two questions in section A and ALL the questions in section B. which of them do you think will score the highest? Your guess is as good as mine!
As it is with the scenario painted above, instructions are a vital part of our life and existence without which life will be meaningless and unbearable. Even the holy scriptures acknowledges the fact that Instructions are very necessary for a fulfilled life. Prov. 4:13.
The truth is, for every phase of your life, there are specific instructions to be considered and strictly adhered to...that is what guarantees a colorful destiny. When the instructions in a phase are not adhered to, and by chance you move on from that phase, then there is a dent already in the road to fulfillment of destiny.
Now, it is a different thing to be aware of the instructions and another thing to deliberately ignore them. Ignorance though is not an excuse in the court of law...therefore ignorance cannot be feigned as to the awareness of instructions.
Are you still worried about the source/location of the instructions? Well, dont look too far, the instructions manual is ever with you, the Bible. Whenever products are released into the market, the manufacturer releases with it the manual/instructions for operation. So also is the life we live, the Creator himself has created us and sent us into the world, but not without a manual/instruction guide for operation. Everything the Lord does is orderly and therefore, every phase you will ever be has specific instructions and guidelines to follow for triumph in that phase.
The instructors manual is made up of 25% principles and 75% instructions as highlighted in II Tim. 3:16 (Doctrines – Principles; Reproof, Correction & Instructions – Instructions).
If therefore, three-quarters of the manual is filled with instructions, then it is advisable to locate the specific instruction for your life at a point/phase, utilize it and see the dramatic turnaround in your life.
During the time I was seeking admission, frustration nearly set in until instructions came from His word (the manual) and through someone's testimony. The person went through the same predicament and was victorious through the application of principles and instructions...he fed himself daily with scriptures from Psalms 102:13 and Jeremiah 29:11 and then added to that, he started rearing a monthly altar of sacrifice tagged “Admissions Offering”. I immediately tapped into the testimony and applied the same instructions and principles. That same year, I secured my admission. This brings me to the conclusion that certain phases of life may actually require the same instructions to conquer but more often than not, you may need to locate your own specific instructions to become victorious in that phase.
As painted in the testimony above, instructions are not limited to the manual alone, as with the Admission Offering, there are times when products malfunction, they are taken straight to the manufacturer for specific instruction and maintenance operation, so it is with life issues, there are certain instructions you dont get in the manual, you have to take the situation to the manufacturer and hear directly from Him. Yeah, that's the place of the HolySpirit. He instructs, guides, teaches as illustrated in John 14:26. There are instructions you hear directly from Him concerning certain issues at certain crossroads of life.
Ignorance is not an excuse else you keep languishing in your problem and remain at the spot or phase for a long time.
Your heart must be receptive enough to accept the instructions else you remain in that phase for a long time.
Doing it as instructed is also very vital in a successful attempt. No matter how long you have been walking on a wrong path, it never leads to a right destination until you retrace your step and start walking on the right and instructed route.
Friends, for a colorful life and a glorious destiny, the importance of instructions cannot be over-emphasized. I therefore admonish you to guard your heart with all diligence, accept instruction, utilize them as instructed, and then a colorful flight is guaranteed. See you all at the topmost top.

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