Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Before we proceed, lets quickly paint two scenarios:
Scenario 1: A lad was promised a good job, a house and a car by his wealthy uncle, irrespective of his ‘class’ upon graduation. Luckily for him, he graduated with second class honours. After his NYSC, he decided to visit his Uncle who had promised him. Getting to his Uncle`s abode, he found the wife, children and neighbours mourning…the man had committed suicide that morning because the bank had confiscated all his possessions due to unpaid loan.

Scenario 2: A wealthy young man observed that he was being trailed by someone for the past one week. He approached the Superintendent of Police in the community to confide in him, the Superintendent promised to protect him from the killer by placing 2 policemen as his escort. The next day, news had it that the Superintendent of Police was found dead in his bedroom as well as all security guards in his house.

Question is what do you think will run through the minds of these young guys painted in the scenario above?

I believe your guess is as good as mine…Success and Longevity are not Natural phenomenon, but largely Spiritual. Going scriptural, both phenomenon are hinged on two basic things (AMONGST OTHER THINGS) which are Service to God (Exodus 23:25-28, Joshua 1:8) and Parental/Elderly regard (Ephesians 6:1-9). Overtime, we have heard exhortations, sermons and teachings that talks about service to God, hence, I`ll focus more on the Parental aspect.

We had a family meeting a couple of years ago when my Dad read to us from Ephesians :1 – 3. At the end of his admonition, he asked if we had any questions, I told him I had no question but I wanted to read that same chapter but starting from verse 4…
I really cant remember how the rest of the meeting went but about 2 years later, the Spirit told me it`s not for me to judge someone else`s obedience to the scripture, all I need do is fulfill my own part and leave the rest to God. Ever since then, I have continuously entrusted myself into doing my own part (by God`s grace though), and trust me, my path has been on the ascendancy.

Going further, let`s do a quick test:
When last did you say ‘thank you’ to your Parents?
When last did you send them a ‘Happy New Month’ message despite the fact you send to your numerous friends?
When last did you buy them a gift out of the little you have (which they probably gave you in the first place)?
When last did you do their laundries or get it taken care of by a laundry man before their arrival from work?
When last did you prepare them a meal?
Who still does the house chores? Are you being forced to do them or you do them willingly?
...and several other things I cant mention here.

Blessings, Success and Longevity are provoked, they don’t just happen naturally…since the law of seed time and harvest shall not cease. What are you sowing into the life of your parents today to attract their blessings upon your life? If nothing, I`m afraid, don’t expect a miracle in the nearest future. God is no respecter of persons, if you obey his instructions and keep his percepts as regards honouring your parents, then he is committed to making you fulfill the number of your days and in prosperity too. Have you ever watched the satisfaction and prayers in the faces of your parents when you have just done something for them? OMG! It’s a feeling you can`t trade for anything.

The modern day youth take virtually everything lackadaisically, when you imagine their parents doing virtually everything for them, cooking for them, doing chores for them while they sit with the phone, TV or internet lazing/fooling around, and then you wonder why they are not successful or live long as expected. Friends, the scripture cannot be broken, it`s either you walk in the percepts laid down and enjoy the blessings that follow or you live your life the way you want and pay dearly for it, it`s up to us. Note that I said amongst other things, that tells you that Honouring your Parents is a major factor for longevity of days and Success in life, but not all there is to it.

…the good news is, it`s never too late to start, get back to the roots and start making amends. Jacob provoked blessings upon himself by preparing a meal for Isaac (Gen. 27:25-29). Joseph provoked blessings upon himself by ‘joyfully’ running errands for his father, Jacob (Genesis 37). Samson ‘somehow’ fulfilled destiny although the number of his days was cut short, all because he disobeyed his parents` instruction (Judges 14:3). A whole lot of examples in the scriptures that points towards parental blessings.

Make up your mind, to treat your parents with utmost respect, never discuss them or their instruction with your friends on the Internet, mobile or BBm, and above all Honour them in every way you can...and I can tell you, it shall be well with you and the number of your days will be fulfilled!



  1. Brilliant post!!!!! every one needs to read this. I believe its sad how people trample on their parents' respect when they discuss them in negative light with their friends, Its no wonder why so many of them walk about confused and devoid of a father's blessing. keep it up bro :)

  2. Good write up, you are not following my blog which is really heartbreaking. You wouldnt blame most youths who do not help their parents, because most parents over pamper this kids, and make tehm feel like kings while the help does all the chores, while they are still kids, now, when they grow they would see no reason to help, and if they are forced it turns out to something else. Happy new year.

  3. Yours-Sincerely, I`m sorry if I`m not doing that, but the truth is I dont know you have a blog. Maybe you gimme the URL. Thanx buddy, really appreciate it!