Friday, 30 December 2011

Is this the fault of Technology or Imaptience? U b d Judge!

I remember sometimes in the early 90`s when Communication Technology was yet to go full swing in this part of the World...things seem to be normal, we send messages with no abbreviation (everything spelt out correctly), we write missives in their full format. These days, NEVER! You will hardly see a write up, a message on your mobile, a letter (formal or informal) or Post and Updates on these Social Network sites without a word abbreviated. Really, I have tried to come to a conclusion about the problem several times but could not arrive at one. (I found it hard myself to come up with this write up without any abbreviation although I cross-checked about thrice). Have you scrolled through your mobile messages to see if there is any message without abbreviation? Trust me, there is a 100% percent chance you will not find any. Maybe you do not get the picture yet, take a look at this Application letter by a graduate seeking employment in a Media and Advertising Agency:

40, Adebowale St,
Ajase Poki-poki, drive
Lafunwa Way,
                                                                                                                                                             Sept. 19, `11.
D HR Mgr
Dangote Grp of Companies

Sup Dude,


Me saw ya ad. in da Punch Nwspaper dropd d oda day & me likey d vacancies, but most of all, d vacant office of da Markettin Mgr., (brave muv, u myt say, lolz) and in response 2 da ad, decided 2 4ward ma apps, cos imma luv 2 work wit guys in ur groove.

Am a young dude of a lil` bit ova 20yrs of age who luvs 2 work wit peeps who gat i-level of focus like ur organizatn **winks**. I finished 4rm da "1st & da Best", u dig, 1 & only "Premier Uni." (...u intimidated, lolz, dnt b dude!), U.I wit 1st class honors in Markettin a coupla months back and decided 2 skip dat "ish" called NYSC, cos I aint gat tym 4 dat holy-drab. Imma spare u d long tin by fixn ma CV & all oda Pry and Sec. school "ish" u peeps myt need.

I aint doubtin d fact dat u guys r gonna employ me cos I was roflmao wen I tore da suposed promotion leta ma ex-boss gav me all in a bid 2 tie me 2 his f**ked company **tongues out** due 2 ma indispensability.

Lukin 4wrd 2 hearin 4rm u, dude, but till den, imma stay unda d radar.

Btwn @payroll officer: Imma giv u d acct numba I want ma salary paid in2 cos som of dis nu-generatn banks r whack & cant b trusted. @personnel: I`d prefer if ma official ride is a jeep cos imma oppress all `em ladies in ma hood big-tym not forgettin sayin "hi" 2 ma ex-boss. I know u dig.

Tis ur boi,

Hardeydharyour "Sussed-n-Sassy" Horlarwarley

 You may laugh it off as impossible, but sit down and ask yourself this question, with the way things are going on these Social Network sites, what do you think will be the future of our written and Spoken English? I rest my case hoping to hear your opinion.


  1. LOL this goes to show how humans misuse great innovative tools. great post. I believe the problem lies with us .... and Linux (prejudice lol)

  2. RODFLMAO* tongues across teeth*, this is really funny, if this was someones c.v, the dude wouldnt even make it past the receptionist desk. tThe abbreviations even affect the way we speak *smh*

  3. This is a great post. Couldn't stop laughing, had to share it quickly!

  4. ...thanx guys, that's just my perception of the whole thing!