Monday, 29 April 2013


In my own opinion…
Well, my view on this issue is that…
The above statements are common lines we see in conversations, interviews, discussions, web forums, etc. people always love to give their account of how a story or an information appears/appeals to them. While this might be right and welcomed in some cases, in other cases, your opinion is just not welcome.
A very good example of an instance in which your opinion is not welcome is on issues regarding “God’s Servants” and these includes Pastors, Bishops, Apostles, Prophets, etc. In short, everyone that brandishes himself/herself as a “man-of-God”, friends, kindly stay out of gossips and backbiting about them.
Haven’t you heard, “…touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm…I Chronicles 16:19-23”. A whole lot of individual most especially modern day youths have crippled, stagnated, terminated their destiny simply by speaking ill men-of-God especially on issues that does not concern them. Any issue in the news, everyone wants to voice their say. Everyone has an opinion to voice out. Dear friends, the truth is, your opinion doesn’t even count in righting a supposed wrong done by the man-of-God, so why ensnare yourself by voicing such opinions?
The dictionary meaning of opinion defines it as “…your feelings or thoughts about somebody/something rather than a fact…”. So if it’s not about facts, who then cares about your opinion? Day-in-day-out, you see different kinds of expressions on various social platforms criticizing men-of-God. Phrases such as:

…Pastor Adeboye said this …                                      How could he?
…Bishop Oyedepo did that…                                       What right does he have?
…Pastor Oyakhilome appeared like this…              Is that Godly?
…Apostle Tom Samson bought that…                      What flamboyance!
…Pastor Sam Adeyemi said this…                              To what end?

Didn’t you read about Elisha in the Bible? II Kings 2:23-25. Little Children came out mocking and expressing their opinion about Elisha. Elisha cursed them in the name of the Lord and we saw what happened to 42 of them. Friends, if God didn’t spare LITTLE CHILDREN for speaking ill of His servant, do you really think He will spare you for slandering his prophet? Oh! You think it was because Elisha heard it and cursed them? How about Moses who wasn’t even aware that Miriam and Aaron spoke ill of him? The scripture records that “…and the Lord heard them…”. It was God that heard them and disciplined them and even Moses had to plead on their behalf. Numbers 12:1-15.
I was trying to enlighten someone one day and his reply was that “We are ALL men-of-God…”. I just laughed at his folly. Miriam and Aaron were also men-of-God in the sense of the word, but God specifically mentioned in Numbers 12:6-8 that there are some people that their class are higher than others. While the class of the Levites was higher than that of the other tribes of the children of Israel, Miriam and Aaron’s class was higher than that of the Levites, while Moses’ class was the Supreme in the hierarchy. This tells us that God has reverence for His anointed. The Bible says that he is a jealous God. He won’t permit slanderous comments about His anointed.
Friends, don’t let issues that do not concern you ensnare your life all because you decided to voice your opinion on a social platform or in a discussion. Okay, you might say, what if they do something wrong? Well, how about this, leave them to God, it’s between them and God. The same Moses that God acted on his behalf was disciplined by God himself when Moses disobeyed. Numbers 20:8-13. Despite the fact that Moses pleaded severally later, God was adamant in His punishment…he never entered the promised land.
Friends, take cover in any way you can even if it means shutting your mouth, especially in this present age that social platforms have given everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion. You will think it’s all a joke or your opinion until the inevitable starts happening in your life.
A man of God once told a story as reported by a testifier…
A woman was in a church listening to a sermon by a man-of-God, the preacher at a point made a statement, one which the woman considered derogatory in her own opinion. Immediately, she HISSED and left the church while the sermon continued. Few days later, an object began to move in her tummy. She visited all known medical experts within and outside the country all to no avail. The pain was so excruciating that intercourse with the husband became impossible. The husband was almost divorcing her as he visits other ladies to satisfy his sexual desires. In her pain and despair, she visited a prophet and after narrating her ordeal, the prophet prayed for her and caught the revelation that she had offended a man-of-God and until that man-of-God forgives her and prays for her, the pain will linger till death. After several thoughts and consideration, she remembered and returned to this man-of-God she hissed at during his sermon. The man of God claimed ignorance of the step God took on his behalf. He asked God for mercy on her behalf and the woman was loosed and her home restored.
My advice, stay off gatherings, platforms, discussions, etc that speaks ill of men-of-God no matter what wrong you think they might have done. Your opinion doesn’t count, keep it to yourself because if God hears it…

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